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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Specialty Elective Courses

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  • Length: 52 Weeks, Lecture Hours: 378, Homework Hours: 150
  • Days/Times: Scheduled Independently

Students pursue Elective Courses throughout semesters one and two. Elective Courses and the Elective Course Library enable students to explore their specialty interests and to self-direct a portion of their training. Students have the following options to fulfill their elective hour requirement.

Specialty Certification Seminars – The American Hypnosis Association (AHA) conducts a wide variety of specialty certification seminars throughout the year. These seminars are generally held on Saturdays or Sundays or weeknight evenings. In addition, the AHA conducts a wide variety of continuing education courses and guest lectures and conferences. Some of these are free to AHA Members and many require additional costs, not included in tuition. For a schedule of dates and costs of the wide variety of seminars, courses, conferences, and lectures please see the AHA calendar at The hours for attending these events count as Elective Hours.

HMI Elective Course Library – This library contains over 1,600 hours of lectures, recorded therapy sessions, research articles, documentaries and courses more all designed to supplement your hypnotherapy education. These elective course hours are logged electronically and provide online quizzes and exams that allow you to earn Elective Hours.

This Clinical Research Course provides a comprehensive overview of the clinical research that supports the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in 53 of the most common applications that a Hypnotherapist may encounter in private practice. Instructor, Bruce Bonnett is a graduate of Harvard Law school where he learned the value and skill of finding the answers to your client’s needs by reviewing the research.

Once you are fully aware of the research available you will be able to quickly access it, refer to it and even print out specific study results in a usable format to share with clients and healthcare professionals. Mr. Bonnett also conducts weekly Q&A live on Zoom, answering questions and providing guidance on the proper use of clinical research as a valuable resource in your hypnotherapy practice. You must successfully complete all 53 quizzes and passed the course with an average score of at least 70%.