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E&P Suggestibility Questionnaire

Testing Your Hypnotic Suggestibility

John Kappas

The completion of the E&P Suggestibility Questionnaire will provide a snapshot of your Hypnotic Suggestibility type.

This information provides your Hypnotherapist with valuable information that will allow them to maximize the results of your hypnosis sessions by tailoring hypnotic suggestions to fit your personalized suggestibility type.

Things to Know Before You Begin

Upon completion of the test you will be presented with your percentage of “E” and “P” Suggestibility and a short written explanation of how to interpret it.

For more information on Hypnosis and E&P Suggestibility, please consult the Professional Hypnotism Manual by Dr. John Kappas.

Are You Ready to Begin the HMI E&P Suggestibility Questionnaire?

Before we begin the questionnaire, we need to gather some background information that helps our continued research and understanding of suggestibility. Even with this demographic profile you remain anonymous, no email address is required.

Those items below marked with an asterisk (*) are required, thank you.

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