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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

The AOS Degree Program Story (Continued)

HMI’s AOS program offers these three benefits to graduates of its Hypnotherapy training:

  1. Education in Mind-Body Psychology to better prepare them for interacting and assisting medical and psychological professionals.
  2. Access to graduate-level psychology courses and concepts that might otherwise be unavailable to them.
  3. An additional year of Clinical Internship, supervised practical experience, and more in-depth applications of psychology models to their hypnotherapy practice.

The opportunity to study directly under psychology professionals and become better acquainted with their terminology, concepts, and methodologies, elevates their status and preparedness in the eyes of referring medical and mental health care providers.

The average age of an HMI student is 44 years of age. For these students, the requirement of a four-year general education degree before being able to access graduate-level courses in psychology, means that exposure to those courses, concepts, and opportunities to learn from graduate-level instructors may be logistically and financially beyond their reach.

Unlike other fields of study, in psychology the first four years are a truly general education degree. It isn’t until you get to the graduate level that you get any real training on the actual clinical applications and practice of psychology.

It is not hard to imagine that the prospect of attending a general education degree program full-time for four years before being able to study the types of course that really appeal to you, would dissuade many a working adult supporting themselves and a family.

After graduation from HMI’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Program, some graduates are motivated to pursue higher levels of education by applying to master’s or doctorate degree programs in psychology. The majority of HMI students however (over 60%), do not have a bachelor’s degree and are not eligible to do so.