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Cheap Sleep

Author: Brennan Smith

Brennan Smith

Date Published:
Publisher: Hypnosis Motivation Institute

How to save money and get great results with Hypnotherapy.

Do you want to stop smoking? How about ridding yourself of insomnia – without drugs? Maybe your personal demon is procrastination and you’d like to kick it to the curb. Or is there a phobia or fear keeping you from living the life you want? If your first impulse on reading this list was, “Yes, please!”, then hypnotherapy may be the right answer for you.

And here’s the best part . . . well, the best part after being free of the thing that’s holding you back: hypnosis can help you without costing a fortune. No matter where you live, these hints will help you find the best professional for you at the right price.

  1. Speak to several hypnotherapists before you make a choice. This is, after all, a position of trust in your life, and you’ll get better results if you feel comfortable talking to your hypnotist. And doesn’t this process deserve at least as much care as you’d invest in shopping for a new computer or car?
  2. Feel free to ask your potential therapists what they charge. After all, if you can’t afford the fees, how comfortable can you be? Single session prices can range from $75 to $345 in major metropolitan areas, for example; a reputable therapist will be more than happy to be honest with you in the money conversation.
  3. As part of that money conversation, ask the therapists if they offer a sliding fee scale. The good ones understand about financial hardship and include this kind of fee structure as part of their practice. And please, leave any embarrassment you may feel out of the equation, because hypnotherapy is not about shaming or blaming a person for anything.
  4. Remember to ask potential therapists about their educational background in hypnosis. You should know that as of this writing, only one state – Indiana – has any kind of licensing process for hypnotherapists. This means that, in the other 49 states, the person on the other end of the phone can call himself a hypnotherapist after a single weekend certification class. You deserve to work with someone who understands the importance of a full education in the field.
  5. So you’ve followed my first four tips and found a reputable hypnotherapist whose background you trust and whose services you can afford. After your first session, ask whether package rates are available. Because if you like your results, it may be worth your while financially to buy multiple sessions at a discounted price. And I don’t mean a never ending series: hypnosis, unlike traditional therapy, is generally brief, delivering the results you want in as few as 8 sessions.
  6. If your employer lets you pay into an FSA and/or HSA (flexible spending account or health savings account) in addition to your basic health care premium, hypnosis may well be covered as an alternative form of care. Just treat it like any other claim: ask your hypnotist to give you an invoice, submit it to your insurer with any other required paperwork, and you’ll get a check – it’s almost like getting somebody else to pay for your appointments!
  7. If private hypnotherapy sessions are just more than you can comfortably afford right now, then you may want to check into the realm of hypnosis audio downloads. They’re available all over the Internet and represent a major advantage in pricing. Keep in mind, however, that many are single track programs, the download equivalent of getting only one session with a hypnotherapist. Besides the boredom factor inherent in listening to the same track time after time, one-track hypnosis programs tend to have less impressive results. Look for sites that feature high-quality audio, strong follow-through, and strong teams to support your work, like and

Your desire for self-discovery and personal growth is important, and hypnotherapy can offer incredible rewards.

Look ahead...

  • to finding a great hypnotherapist who understands your goals.
  • to learning to laugh at the silly behaviors and internal patterns that got in your way before.
  • to living your life as the person you’ve always wished you could be.

It’s my hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

About the Author: Brennan Smith is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and since 2004 has grown a private Los Angeles Hypnotherapy Practice with offices in Beverly Hills. Specializing in procrastination hypnotherapy, Brennan empowers perfectionists, self-saboteurs, and people with low self-esteem to find new resources inside to reach for their dreams.