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E&P Suggestibility Questionnaire

Introduction to Hypnotic Suggestibility

John Kappas

Since 1968, when HMI’s College of Hypnotherapy under the direction of Dr. John Kappas, recognized the existence of two distinct types of Hypnotic Suggestibility – “Emotional and Physical” – a new Hypnotic world has been revealed.

Human behavior has led us to recognize that everyone is Hypnotizable and responsive to suggestions. Some are more responsive to physical sensations, others to emotional stimuli, still others to environmental stimuli; and some, to all three. This new formation has opened doors for the Hypnotherapist, the motivator, the counselor and to anyone using Hypnosis for self-improvement.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Take HMI's E&P Suggestibility Test to see whether you respond to Direct Literal Suggestions or Inferred Suggestions. You may also find that you're Somnambulistic and respond to both Literal and Inferred Suggestions.

The E&P Suggestibility Test takes approximately five (5) minutes and consists of 36 SHORT Yes/No questions.

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