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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 3

In Biofeedback Part 2, Joe Tabbanella, CHt, takes you further in the exploration of biofeedback techniques and how they can augment your hypnotherapy sessions. In addition, Joe introduces you to the world of Neuroscience, its theory, and practical applications with your hypnotherapy clients. Demonstrations help the student explore this cutting-edge tool and lay the groundwork for further exploration and training.

Regression has been commonly associated with hypnosis since the days of Freud. In this class Lisa Machenberg, CHt, explores the past and present of hypnotic regression and the many controversies and legalities surrounding it. The techniques of age regression as well as past life regression and their appropriateness and ethics are explored fully as Lisa relates HMI’s discretionary use of this most controversial of hypnotic tools.

One of the unique features of HMI training is that students get to observe HMI Instructors apply the skills and concepts of the lessons to real clients in the classroom. These are not students, these are real people who have never been hypnotized before and who have reached out to HMI for help for a wide variety of issues.

Biofeedback with HMI Senior Staff Instructor Joe Tabbanella
Susan Duncan Spehling Testimonial