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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 4

Created by HMI Founder Dr. John Kappas, the Mental Bank Program is a powerful tool to help you and your clients reprogram your subconscious mind to attract more success, happiness, and prosperity. This 5-minute-a- day behavioral tool is a must for every hypnotherapy practice. HMI Director George Kappas provides a personal and entertaining presentation that both instructs and motivates you to start your Mental Bank tonight.

Hypnosis is commonly associated with quitting smoking and losing weight. Many Hypnotherapists make a comfortable living from these two areas alone. HMI Instructor Susie Kappas, CHt, teaches you how to work successfully with Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation as well as other habits such as nail biting, tardiness, and study habits.

Susie Kappas, CHt, teaches how to create life-long habits that support your goals. It is those daily habits and tiny routines that make big dreams come true! Presenting the Hypnotherapist as powerful Life Coach for the subconscious mind, Susie, in her sweet and lively way, will fill your toolbox with the day-to-day tried and true workhorses of a successful hypnotherapy practice. This class is as personally empowering as it is fun.

Weight Loss with HMI Director George J. Kappas
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