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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 5

Developed by HMI Founder Dr. John Kappas, PhD, LMFT, the model of Emotional and Physical Sexuality (E&P) is without question, one of HMI’s most powerful tools for understanding and predicting the behavior of clients. In this lesson, HMI Director and Marriage Family Therapist, George Kappas will introduce you to the E&P model in a presentation you are not likely to forget.

In E&P Part 2, Mr. Kappas expands on the model of E&P to explain the influences of ethnicity, incongruities, defense mechanisms, and other possible mitigating factors in the relationship behavior of clients. This class leaves students with a greater confidence and assimilation of the E&P model and their ability to apply it in a therapeutic setting.

Presented by Tanya Nord, MA, CHt, the Family Systems model provides the Hypnotherapist with an alternative outlook on the client’s symptoms as functional in the context of the subconscious forces inherent in romantic and family relationships. This understanding opens the door for HMI graduates to work in conjunction with LMFTs and LCSWs, whose clinical viewpoint originates from this basic tenet.

Clinical Case Presentation with HMI Senior Staff Instructor Tanya Nord
Cherry Bligh Testimonial