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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 5

HMI’s resident Child Hypnosis expert Lisa Machenberg, CHt, has appeared on numerous television shows exploring child hypnosis, earning the nickname “Hypno-Mom.” In this lesson Lisa shares her 20+ years’ experience working with children. She demonstrates how to gain rapport and communicate effectively with them, in and out of hypnosis, to make the experience both fun and productive for all.

HMI Instructor Katt Lowe, CHt, introduces students to the popular and fascinating world of Energy Healing. In this lesson, Katt demystifies the art and practice of realigning, re-attuning, and balancing the body’s electro- magnetic energy field, demonstrating a powerful and effective no-touch energy healing modality. Qigong, Chakra Clearing, Chakra Balancing, intuition, and the power of the mind are all incorporated into this lesson.

One of the unique features of HMI training is that students get to observe HMI Instructors apply the skills and concepts of the lessons to real clients in the classroom. These are not students, these are real people who have never been hypnotized before and who have reached out to HMI for help for a wide variety of issues.

Child Hypnosis with HMI Senior Staff Instructor Lisa Machenberg
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