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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 8

Hypnosis is a clinically proven adjunctive tool for the treatment of a wide variety of medical issues. HMI Instructor Lisa Machenberg, CHt, demonstrates how to work in conjunction with medical professionals and how hypnotic pain control techniques can assist with childbirth and pre- and post-surgery applications. Lisa’s 20+ years of experience make her the perfect guide for your introduction to this important field of study.

Therapeutic Journaling is a powerful transformation tool utilized in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. Hypnotherapy should be no exception. HMI Associate Instructor Lois Lorback, CHt, provides both the guidance and motivation for you to incorporate this powerful adjunct into your hypnotherapy practice. This lesson also provides the opportunity to experience this wonderful process for your personal self-discovery.

One of the unique features of HMI training is that students get to observe HMI Instructors apply the skills and concepts of the lessons to real clients in the classroom. These are not students, these are real people who have never been hypnotized before and who have reached out to HMI for help for a wide variety of issues.

Clinical Case Presentation with HMI Senior Staff Instructor John Melton
Mandi Duleen Testimonial