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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Training Courses – Volume 9

In this class Elaine assists you in defining and creating additional newly- trending, as well as proven traditional promotional and marketing tools you’ll need to launch and build your practice. Included are key “Verbal” tools such as your Elevator Pitch and Memory Hooks, “Online” elements including Social Media and HMI’s Website, “Written” tools including your Business Cards and Practice Brochures and much more.

In this class we turn our attention to the launch, marketing, and promotion of your practice. This lesson is overflowing with traditional and newly- trending ideas you can customize for use during your grand opening and continuing as you grow and build your practice. Elaine also shares key strategies she used in the launch of her own practice that earned her HMI’s Top Clinical Achievement Award.

A well-constructed plan provides an essential element for success in business. This Business Practices lesson prepares students for the challenges of self-employment by teaching strategies for managing a private practice. In this class Elaine Perliss, CHt, guides students in building a solid foundation for their practice through the creation of their own Business Plan that they will be able to put into action immediately upon graduation.

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