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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

No Internship Requirements – Practical Skills

Applying the Hypnotherapy knowledge and skills from the classroom in a private practice setting is an important part of the learning process.

Included in this 300-hour course is the option of attending Practical Skills Workshops live on Zoom. These workshops allow you to ask questions of HMI Tutors on the hypnotic techniques presented in your video lessons. These workshops also provide you the opportunity to practice your hypnosis induction skills with other students and ask questions to your HMI Tutor for clarity.

This provides students three options for honing your hypnotic skills:

  1. Practicing their hypnotic techniques with friends, family, and acquaintances, and/or…
  2. Working with clients, paid, or not paid, in their hypnotherapy practice.
  3. Discussing these experiences with your HMI Tutor and Zoom supervision groups.

For every person you practice with or every client you see, HMI provides an online interface for you to document your experience hours and track your progress and hours completed. For each client session you document, you receive 3 hours of experience. There is no additional cost for accumulating your 200 experience hours and they are not required to graduate and receive your Diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Zoom Conference with HMI Instructor John Melton
Justin Hickerson Testimonial