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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Membership in the American Hypnosis Association

Affiliated with HMI College of Hypnotherapy is our sister organization, the American Hypnosis Association (AHA). HMI recommends their Students and Graduates join the AHA for supplemental education and continuing education after graduation. The AHA provides its members free access to the world’s largest Hypnotherapy Resource Library.

Membership in the AHA is open to anyone with an interest in hypnosis with a membership fee of $179 per year.

The AHA Online Media Library contains over 1,600 hours of continuing education videos including 200+ live hypnotherapy session videos categorized by presenting issue, 400+ guest speakers on a wide range of topics of interest, Clinical Supervision groups between HMI Supervisors and Interns and the newest, Clinical Research Library, providing summaries of a wide variety of clinical studies in hypnotherapy conducted by major universities.

This world class collection of continuing education provides HMI Students an amazing supplement to their accredited HMI training course. You can browse the titles available in the AHA Media Library at

Certificate: American Hypnosis Assocation - Professional Member
AHA In-Person Seminar with Guest Speaker Chel Hamilton