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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Watch HMI’s Documentary Series

See first-hand how hypnotherapy works by watching our free documentary series, “HYPNOTIZED.” Imagine having the skills to help people overcome their fears, achieve their goals, reduce their stress, manage their pain and more.

Watch as real clients receive professional hypnotherapy sessions in the HMI classroom. Their life-changing transformation provides an intriguing and educational experience that will demonstrate exactly what the career of Hypnotherapy is like. Watch it free at

Hypnosis TV is just another reason why you’ll want HMI to be your partner in success for your Hypnotherapy education. Streaming 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Hypnosis TV features live Hypnotherapy sessions, self-improvement classes, guest speakers and a variety of original series including “HYPNOTIZED” and “Hypnosis Today.”

Download the Hypnosis TV Channel on your Roku, Amazon Fire, iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. Watch Hypnosis TV on your personal computer or other device at

We welcome you to tune in and join us anytime, day or night, for absolutely no charge.

with HMI Instructor John Melton
Hypnosis Today with HMI Senior Staff Instructor Lisa Machenberg