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HMI College of Hypnotherapy

Your Personal Online HMI Tutors

Complementing your HMI Instructors and streaming video lessons is your personal and private relationship with your HMI Tutor. They are available via one-on-one, online interface, Zoom, or phone appointments.

HMI Tutors/Associate Instructors provide clarity and understanding of your video instruction as well as clinical supervision, as they provide valuable feedback on your experiences with practicing the techniques and working with clients.

HMI Tutors/Associate Instructors are Honors Graduates of HMI’s training program and Certified Union Hypnotherapists with private hypnotherapy practices in HMI’s clinic. Your HMI Tutor’s education and clinical experience translates to personal attention and assistance for your assimilation of course material and feedback on your practical and clinical experiences.

Skype Session with HMI Instructor Elaine Perliss