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AHA Hypnotherapists Directory

Hypnotherapy Providers in Zip Code 89052

Click on the biography links below to learn more about how these Certified Hypnotherapists in Zip Code 89052 can help using Hypnosis and related Hypnotherapy Modalities.

Grace Nani Urie, CMH

Grace Nani Urie has a deep passion for helping people discover the best within themselves. She enjoys developing a customized treatment plan for each client's unique set of concerns, and watching them achieve their goals.

AHA Biography for Grace Nani Urie

Henderson, Nevada 89052, United States

Kayenta Therapy Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 89134, United States

Nani Urie

Shelby Brown, CCHt

Shelby Brown maintains a thriving private practice, assisting clients across a spectrum of needs. Her expertise encompasses habit modification, stress reduction, conquering fears and performance anxiety, and fostering self-confidence and self-esteem.

AHA Biography for Shelby Brown

Therapeutic Hypnosis SRB
Henderson, Nevada 89074, United States