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Biography for Amelie Naegelen, CMH

I believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their inner strength and overcome any obstacle, and my goal is to help you do just that. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, phobias, weight loss, or simply want to improve your overall well-being, I am here to guide you on your journey to success.

Hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful and accelerated approach to help you living your best life. I understand that each person is unique with their own set of challenges and goals, which is why I customize my sessions to meet your individual needs. Through a combination of relaxation techniques, visualization exercises, and positive affirmations, we will work together to help you achieve your desired outcome.

I was born in Paris, France and spent much of most of my adult life working and building a marketing career in luxury and fashion industries in Paris, Hong Kong, Miami, and finally Los Angeles where I now live with my husband and my 3 kids. At the age of 40, I made a huge switch in my professional life. Passionate about holistic approaches and neuroscience evolution, I started learning hypnosis after finding what I was missing: a feeling of being grounded and balanced along with my strong purpose to help people.

With my expertise, my background, my energy and my heart, I want to help people live the life they want, achieve their goals, feel happier, healthier, and be able to manage their stress, fears, and anxiety. Hypnosis is a fabulous tool which can help everyone to make a change, at any age, if they really want to because we are all more powerful than we think we are.

Based in Los Angeles, California, I am seeing clients virtually and in-person. I offer sessions in both French and English.

Let me help you make a positive change in your life!

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Body Image
  3. Career Success
  4. Change Habits
  5. Cravings
  6. Exam Anxiety
  7. Exercise
  8. Motivation
  9. Passive-Aggressive
  10. Phobias
  11. Procrastination
  12. Reach Goals
  13. Self Confidence
  14. Self Hypnosis
  15. Sports
  16. Stop Smoking
  17. Stress
  18. Study Habits
  19. Thumb Sucking
  20. Weight Loss


  • Masters of Science in Management
    Grenoble School of Management - 33476706060
    Date Started: 09/01/2000 - Date Graduated: 12/12/2003
    Total Years: 3
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2747
    Date Started: 10/19/2021 - Date Graduated: 06/27/2022
    Total Hours: 300 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. First Three Hypnosis Sessions - 08/2022
  2. Hypnosis in History - 09/2021


  • Certified Master Hypnotist
    American Hypnosis Association - 818-758-2700
    Certification Number: 011885
    Certification Valid To: May 23, 2025

Certifications from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Hypnosis and Sports Performance - 11/2022
  2. Hypnosis for Anxieties and Fears - 09/2022
  3. Smoking Cessation - 05/2024

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2022


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French

Contact Information

Amelie Naegelen
Amelie Naegelen
Los Angeles, California 90056, United States