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Biography for LaNae York, CHt

Becoming a hypnotherapist was a result of a life filled with everything else; a challenging childhood, university, maintaining marriage and family relationships, existential questions, and the details of daily existence aside a successful career. I’m now happily in the stage of life where I can dedicate more time to giving back, contributing to others, making a difference and helping create a better world… with you!

I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of people; their uniqueness and different ways of being. Even still, there’s a lot we all have in common, given the complexities of life and relationships that govern the methods our minds use to cope and solve our problems.

With billions of people on earth, there is only one you! Your quest to be the best version of yourself allows me to offer support and guidance. It’s how my path aligns with yours. Together, we work in concert with the extensive education and training I’ve received to solve the riddles and achieve your dreams.

The decades of life experience I bring to the practice of hypnotherapy offer a personal and professional perspective that’s highly effective and greatly appreciated by my clients. As an Honors graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute, I continue to expand my knowledge and skills to support my commitment of creating a highly personal and very tailored experience for you.

With great joy, I’m able to guide the journey forward for those who are seeking to find, desiring to overcome, and wanting to achieve. In essence, those who are wanting and willing to live their best life. I’ve come to believe that the ‘subconscious prevails where willpower fails’ and through this process we can harness the power of the mind to create a life that is rich and rewarding.
LaNae York

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  1. Assist Healing
  2. Career Success
  3. Death or Loss
  4. Fears
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Guilt
  7. Improve Health
  8. Improve Sales
  9. Motivation
  10. Nightmares
  11. Public Speaking
  12. Relationship Enhancement
  13. Self Confidence
  14. Self Criticism
  15. Self Esteem
  16. Self Mastery
  17. Shame
  18. Stop Smoking
  19. Stress
  20. Weight Loss


Having experienced the powerful results that belief and attitude can have for overcoming obstacles and achieving wealth and well-being, I enjoy sharing mind hacks that help people resolve their issues and realize their dreams.

The opportunity to offer assistance and compassion to others through the difficulties and challenges they face has given me the gift of holding space and offering understanding while they do what needs to be done to “move through and create new.” Being able to offer inspiration and hope while clients are generating better outcomes in their lives is a privilege.

As a Kundalini Yoga participant, along with song, chant, and meditation, I value the benefits of creating congruency and have found that hypnosis is yet another powerful way to align the body with the mind and soul for ascension and self-realization.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2747
    Date Started: 10/19/2021 - Date Graduated: 12/01/2022
    Total Hours: 720 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Advanced Advertising and Promotion - 11/2022
  2. Body Syndromes - 11/2022
  3. Creating a Professional Zoom Room - 04/2022
  4. First Three Hypnosis Sessions - 08/2022
  5. Healthy Boundaries - 10/2023
  6. Hypnosis and Weight Loss Part 2 - 04/2022
  7. Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer - 02/2024
  8. Hypnosis in History - 10/2021
  9. Imagery for Life Passages - 04/2022
  10. jumpSTART 2022! - 01/2022
  11. Love, Sex and Intimacy - 06/2023
  12. Metaphysical Imagery - 04/2022
  13. Mythic and Archetypal Imagery - 03/2022
  14. Subtleties of Hypnotherapy - 11/2022
  15. The Power of Releasing Guilt and Shame - 09/2022


  • Certified Hypnotherapist
    American Hypnosis Association - 818-758-2700
    Certification Number: 010961
    Certification Valid To: Dec 28, 2025

Certifications from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Advanced Imagery - 03/2022
  2. Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - 11/2022
  3. Healing the Inner Child - 05/2022
  4. Hypnosis and Weight Loss - 02/2022
  5. Hypnosis for Immune Disorders - 06/2022
  6. Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy - 11/2022
  7. Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator - 02/2022
  8. Trauma Recovery Hypnosis - 06/2022


  • Director's Award
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 12/15/2022
  • Honors Graduate - Clinical Hypnotherapy Program
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 12/11/2022
  • Academic Achievement Award
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 12/01/2022

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2021

Languages Spoken

  • English

Contact Information

LaNae York
Glenwood, Utah 84730, United States