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Hypnotherapy Providers in Zip Code 10023

Click on the biography links below to learn more about how these Certified Hypnotherapists in Zip Code 10023 can help using Hypnosis and related Hypnotherapy Modalities.

Sandy F. Ames, CHt

Sandy Ames is known by millions as Jamie Lee from 95.5 WPLJ Radio, and various TV shows. Sandy is a healthy lifestyle expert and a multi-level internationally Certified Yoga and Meditation Educator, as featured on NBC's Today Show.

AHA Biography for Sandy F. Ames

Sandy Ames
New York, New York 10023, United States

Yixin Zhu, CMH

Yixin Zhu received comprehensive Psychology and Hypnotherapy training in China, the United States, and Singapore. She specializes in Pain Management, Insomnia, Hypnobirthing and Past Life Regression Therapy.

AHA Biography for Yixin Zhu

Beijing, 100048, China

Soul Studio

Mayda Kassab Poc, CMH

Mayda Kassab Poc is a Coach and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in New York City. She specializes in Life Coaching and Career Coaching, and uses multiple modalities including Hypnosis. Mayda works with her International clients remotely or in person.

AHA Biography for Mayda Kassab Poc

Mayda Poc Coaching
New York, New York 10016, United States

Mayda Poc Coaching

Anthony T. Holdampf, CHt

Anthony Holdampf offers personalized sessions and a deep understanding of the subconscious mind. He has helped clients overcome limiting beliefs, achieve sustainable weight loss, manage stress and anxiety, conquer fears, and boost self-confidence.

AHA Biography for Anthony T. Holdampf

New York, New York 10019, United States