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Hypnotherapy Terms and Definitions

Hypnosis Glossary of Terms - M

Magic 30 Minutes
The last half-hour before sleep, when a person's mind is overloaded and is in a natural state of hypnosis. Something taken into the mind at this time goes into the precognitive stage of dreaming, instead of the venting stage.
A soft, gentle, lulling, rhythmic approach to hypnosis. A progressive relaxation uses the maternal approach.
Mental Bank
A tool used to reinforce many types of therapies and speed the progress in such areas as; procrastination, motivation, goal attainment, prosperity, weight loss, smoking, etc. It is a powerful means of affecting the subconscious mind using the synergistic approach of belief, daily reinforcement, scripting, time of day, and dreams.
Message Units - Overloading
All of the input sent to the brain by the environment, the physical body, and the conscious and subconscious minds. When too many message units are received (overloading), a state of anxiety results.
Appearing to be guiding someone into one area with the intention of directing him into another. It can be used effectively as a deepening technique in hypnosis.
A hypnotic modality is anything that attempts to control or modify human behavior through the influence or creation of belief systems.