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Hypnotherapy Terms and Definitions

Hypnosis Glossary of Terms - P

Parataxic Distortion
This occurs when we respond to a person or situation in a distorted way. We are not responding to the situation or person, but rather to what they subconsciously trigger in us.
Paris Window
Used to widen the perspective of the client, so that he or she can see their problem from more than their own viewpoint. The window is a four-paned one, where three panes contain a question for the client. The questions are, 1). How do you feel about the problem? 2). How do you think others feel about your problem? 3). How do you feel about how others feel about your problem? 4). This pane contains the answer to the client's particular problem based on their newfound perspective.
The authoritarian approach to inductions and therapy, using a rapid patter with commanding, or even demanding, words.
A rhythmic series of words in a semi-monotone or monotone, spoken either slowly or rapidly, causing stimulation of different senses and leading to the hypnotic state.
Persuasive Suggestion
A suggestive idea that gives the subject a logical reason to respond. Persuasive suggestions are particularly effective with Intellectually suggestible subjects.
Physical Sexuality
A type of sexual behavior in which the individual reacts to physical stimulation as a defense to protect his/her emotional behavior, thereby exaggerating the need for physical acceptance and gratification.
Physical Suggestibility
A suggestible behavior, characterized by a high degree of responsiveness to suggestions affecting the body and a restriction of emotional responses; usually associated with cataleptic stages or deeper.
Post Hypnotic Suggestion
An example would be the command of “deep sleep.”
Post Suggestion to Reaction
A suggestion given, to be carried out after the subject has awakened from the hypnotic state.
Post Suggestion to Rehypnosis
A suggestion given for re-hypnosis, to take place when a certain stimulus is seen, heard, or felt by the subject; creates a rapid response to re-hypnosis.
Power Words
The dominant words projected from the operator to the subject that impart some type of direction or control. (Example: “Deep sleep!”)
Pre-Induction Speech
An introduction to hypnosis to prepare the client for the induction. It should include an explanation of hypnosis and an idea of what he/she can expect to experience in the state. It addresses any fears and misconceptions the client may have, all the while building up message units.
Primitive Mind
A human being's primitive brain, with which a person will react whenever threatened beyond the point where he/she can reason. This primitive brain produces the fight or flight response, the unthinking impulses of self defense, or any other rapid reactions without reason.