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American Hypnosis Association Research Articles

Fertility, Childbirth and Hypnosis

The American Hypnosis Association presents seventeen (17) studies related to Fertility, Childbirth and Hypnosis.

  • Study 1: Hypnosis – Allows for Less Medication and Less Labor Pains
  • Study 2: Hypnosis – To Shorten Labor, Reduce medication to control pain or to lengthen pregnancy if expectant mother goes into labor too early
  • Study 3: Hypnosis – Infertility
  • Study 4: Hypnosis – To Help Embryo Transfer at Fertility Clinic
  • Study 5: Hypnosis and Male Sexual Dysfunction
  • Study 6: More – Hypnosis and Male Sexual Dysfunction
  • Study 7: Hypnosis and Impotence
  • Study 8: Self-Hypnosis for Labor and Childbirth
  • Study 9: Effect of Hypnosis on Labor and Birth Outcomes (focuses on pregnant adolescents)
  • Study 10: Hypnosis to Help Achieve Uncomplicated Birth
  • Study 11: Self-Hypnosis for Pain Relief During Labor
  • Study 12: Hypnosis to Enhance Female Fertility
  • Study 13: Hypnosis for Maternal Stress
  • Study 14: Hypnosis for Labor
  • Study 15: Hypnosis for Psychological Symptoms after Childbirth
  • Study 16: Impact of Hypnosis During Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Study 17: Hypnosis for Pain Management in Labor

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