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High Technology The Future of Private Hypnotherapy Practice

Have you ever thought about what hypnotherapy will be like in ten or twenty years from now? Perhaps there will be devices used to induce hypnosis, or to amplify the therapeutic experience. And perhaps specific therapeutic techniques would be enhanced, by equally specific technological applications. The truth of the matter is that you don't have to wait, these things are already happening now.

One of the greatest tools that a therapist could have is a CD player. You can create very evocative, nurturing, and soothing environments by playing an appropriate CD, (of which there are an ever increasing supply). Sound environments can truly accelerate and support the therapeutic process, by enhancing the moods and emotions of your client.

In addition, you can also use CDs that utilize audio technology, such as binaural beat stimulation, or white noise. Such technologies are sounds (rhythms and frequencies) and/or music that will cause the listeners' brainwaves to oscillate in a way that promotes trance states and relaxation. Other forms of sound technology include vibro-acoustic stimulation (kinesthetic audio), sympathetic resonance, and rhythmic entrainment.

Imagine combining these tools with your practice, your voice riding on the soundwaves, delivered to your client's subconscious mind with power and efficacy. This is one way you can really 'kick it up a notch' and give your practice an edge.

I have gotten amazing feedback from people using appropriate CDs in their practice. A lot of 'breakthrough' moments seem to happen for their clients. In fact, just the audio alone can yield impressive results.

Now what's next? By incorporating the powerful tools of the technological age, the sky is truly the limit. Perhaps the hypnotherapist of the future will be more akin to a computer programmer than to anything else.

Use your imagination, what do you see?"

AHA Newsletter Articles