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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hypnosis

The American Hypnosis Association presents sixteen (16) studies related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Hypnosis.

  • Study 1: Hypnosis for IBS – Especially for clients under age 50 (and describes sessions and suggestions given)
  • Study 2: Hypnosis for IBS – Helps both Diarrhea-Predominant IBS and Constipation-Predominant IBS
  • Study 3: Hypnosis for IBS Symptoms, Quality of Life and Anxiety
  • Study 4: Hypnosis and Refractory IBS (I.E., Remains unresponsive to pharmacological treatments) – For Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Distension, General Well-Being, and Bowel Habit
  • Study 5: Long-Term Benefits of Hypnosis for IBS (Beneficial effects of Hypnotherapy appear to last at least five years or more)
  • Study 6: Hypnosis for Children with IBS or Functional Abdominal Pain
  • Study 7: Research Consistently Shows Hypnosis has Substantial Beneficial Effect on IBS – even for patients unresponsive to standard medical interventions
  • Study 8: Hypnosis and IBS – Overview and Review – Hypnosis consistently improves symptoms of IBS possibly in physiological and psychological ways
  • Study 9: Hypnosis to Manage IBS
  • Study 10: Hypnosis for IBS – Meta-Analysis
  • Study 11: Hypnosis for IBS – Study of 1,000 IBS Patients
  • Study 12: Nurse-Administered Hypnosis for IBS
  • Study 13: Gut-Focused Hypnotherapy for Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Study 14: Individual and Group Hypnotherapy for IBS
  • Study 15: Skype Hypnotherapy for IBS
  • Study 16: Combining Hypnosis and Echography to Treat IBS

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