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American Hypnosis Association Research Articles

Sports Performance and Hypnosis

The American Hypnosis Association presents seventeen (17) studies related to Sports Performance and Hypnosis.

  • Study 1: Basketball and Hypnosis – Dribbling, Defense, 3-Point Shots
  • Study 2: Hypnosis and Alpine Mountain Climbing (Including Overcoming Sports Injury)
  • Study 3: Hypnosis, The Brain and Sports
  • Study 4: Basketball and Hypnosis – Shooting
  • Study 5: Hypnosis Enhances Useful Imagery for Athletes
  • Study 6: Hypnosis and Golf – Chipping Performance, Confidence
  • Study 7: Hypnosis and Basketball – Three Point Shooting
  • Study 8: Hypnosis and Archery – Shooting Performance
  • Study 9: Hypnosis, Imagery and Athletes – Case Studies of a Golfer, Cricketer and Lawn Bowler
  • Study 10: Hypnosis and Basketball – Shooting Baskets
  • Study 11: Hypnosis and Fencing
  • Study 12: Review of Studies on Hypnosis for Sports Performance
  • Study 13: Hypnosis to Increase Throwing Accuracy and Motor Skill Learning
  • Study 14: Hypnosis for a Senior Golfer
  • Study 15: Hypnosis for Sports Performers’ Self-Efficacy (Belief in Ability to Succeed)
  • Study 16: Hypnosis for Elite Golfers
  • Study 17: Sports Hypnosis Imagery/Visualization for Cricket Players

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