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American Hypnosis Association Research Articles

Stress and Hypnosis

The American Hypnosis Association presents nineteen (19) studies related to Stress and Hypnosis.

  • Study 1: Hypnosis by Audio Recording for Stress, Burnout and Well-Being
  • Study 2: Hypnosis for Student Stress
  • Study 3: Hypnosis and Exam Stress
  • Study 4: Hypnosis and Medical Student Stress
  • Study 5: Hypnotherapy and Stage Fright Stress
  • Study 6: Hypnosis for Preoperative Stress
  • Study 7: Hypnosis for Maternal Stress
  • Study 8: Hypnosis for Adolescents’ School Anxiety and Stress
  • Study 9: Self-Hypnosis for Artist Anxiety
  • Study 10: Hypnotherapy to Reduce Stress
  • Study 11: Meta-Analysis of Hypnosis for Anxiety
  • Study 12: Hypnosis for Perceived Stress
  • Study 13: Self-Hypnosis for University Student Exam Anxiety and Stress
  • Study 14: Mindful Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction
  • Study 15: Self-Hypnosis for University Student High Level Anxiety
  • Study 16: Self-Hypnosis for Teacher Stress
  • Study 17: Hypnosis for Anxiety in Obstetrics and Gynecology Patients
  • Study 18: Hypnotherapy for Pre-Caesarean Section Anxiety
  • Study 19: Hypnosis in Pediatric Dentistry

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