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American Hypnosis Association Research Articles

Tinnitus and Hypnosis

The American Hypnosis Association presents eight (8) studies related to Tinnitus and Hypnosis.

  • Study 1: Self-Hypnosis for Tinnitus
  • Study 2: Ericksonian Hypnosis for Tinnitus
  • Study 3: More Hypnosis for Tinnitus
  • Study 4: More Ericksonian Hypnosis for Tinnitus Quality of Life
  • Study 5: Recorded Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus
  • Study 6: Hypnosis for Tinnitus More Beneficial for Those Without Significant Hearing Loss
  • Study 7: Hypnosis for Tinnitus Related Psychological Distress
  • Study 8: Hypnotic Induction Helps Tolerance of Tinnitus

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