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Age Regression and Memory Retrieval

Presented By: George Kappas

Client: Female, 37, 60% Emotional suggestible, has been in cognitive behavioral therapy
Issue: Trusting her partner, releasing past issues with father

An intern used Staircase imagery for age regression and is inquiring about this process. George Kappas recognizes a red flag that all hypnotherapists should watch for: this client might have an agenda to discover molestation in her childhood. George warns the intern about using hypnosis for memory retrieval and discusses this issue. He suggests educating the client about E&P and using dream therapy to reveal the past, explaining why leading clients is unavoidable in hypnosis.

Fast Forward To: 00:18:30

CCGK20080310 / Production Date: Mon, Mar 10, 2008

This is Case 2 from the...

Case Conference with George Kappas on 03/10/2008

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