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2022-08-20 / Aug 2022 AHA Conference - Online Course

American Hypnosis Association August 2022 Conference - The Eel and the Blowfish: A Graphic Novel of Dreams, Trauma, and Healing, Numerology / Create a Professional Zoom Group Experience / Mental Bank Magic

The Eel and the Blowfish: A Graphic Novel of Dreams, Trauma, and Healing

Presented By: Terry Marks-Tarlow

How do we speak about the unspeakable? How do we face the darkest thing to happen to us? Incest may be the most taboo topic of all, yet occurs with surprising frequency in all cultures. Presenting difficult topics in graphic novel form, helps to soften the trauma of sexual or physical abuse and undercut defenses.

In this presentation, AOS professor Terry Marks-Tarlow PhD, presents excerpts from her newly published book, The Eel and the Blowfish, which shows a path to freedom from trauma. The book was written by two psychologists with more than 70 years of clinical experience between them. The result is a graphic novel with tools and guidance for those suffering from sexual or physical trauma, and gives hope to clinicians and their clients. For even the deepest wounds, no one is beyond repair.

Create a Professional Zoom Group Experience

Presented By: Priscilla Bo Jogminas, CCHt

Priscilla Bo Jogminas

Teaching classes and seminars on Zoom is a wonderful addition to your Hypnotherapy practice. In this presentation, Priscilla will show you how to create a successful Zoom experience for classes, clients, and presentations. You’ll learn the variety of Zoom settings, how and when to use them, how to easily incorporate breakout rooms for practice, and much more.

You will walk away feeling more knowledgeable and confident with the operations during a live Zoom class, and comfortable being a TA for Zoom seminars as well. These important details and settings will give you and the participants more structure, enjoyment, and grace during any Zoom experience. It is easy to set up and use once you know how.

Mental Bank Magic

Presented By: Ani Mirzaian

Ani Mirzaian

Magic is all around you and through you… sometimes all you need to do is just notice. The Mental Bank Program developed by Dr. John Kappas, brings awareness to all the magic around you and how you are in control of creating the life you desire.

Ani will share with you all the benefits the Mental Bank Program can give you, and how the Mental Bank Ledger is harmoniously supercharged when used in conjunction with hypnotherapy sessions. As Ani’s mentor, Cheryl O’Neil says, “All is always unlimited!” and Mental Bank will help open that up.

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