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2022-10-15 / Oct 2022 AHA Conference - Online Course

American Hypnosis Association October 2022 Conference - Numerology - The Language of Numbers as a Tool for Success! / Conversations with Ghosts and Gods: Imaginal Dialogue in Therapy / The Art of Wish-Making

Numerology - The Language of Numbers as a Tool for Success!

Presented By: Yael Kagan

Yael Kagan

Numerology is the language of numbers that can help you understand individuals at a deeper level. Numerology was originally founded by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, who suggested that numbers can tell us about one’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, and even suitable occupations for a successful fulfilling life. Our date of birth can reveal concepts like “Destiny Numbers”, “Life Path” and timing in our life.

Yael describes Numerology as a “MUST” for every therapist, being metaphorically like an X-RAY machine, that helps us to learn and know our clients better, sometimes even better than the client can describe. This can assist us in helping our clients solve the issues or challenges they came in for. Numerology is like “GPS” guiding us through an easier, successful, life journey.

Conversations with Ghosts and Gods: Imaginal Dialogue in Therapy

Presented By: Indhushree Rajan

In this presentation, AOS professor Indhushree Rajan PhD, explains the benefits of using Imaginal Dialogue. This is a dialogical interaction that is personally internally directed, or facilitated by a healing practitioner in the treatment space. Imaginal dialogue is anchored within the postmodern premise that the self is dialogical, and that identity arises from the subjective process of meaning making.

We “story” ourselves, our relationships, and indeed our world into existence. The ghosts, Gods, and hosts of characters living within us hold keys to self-actualization, healing, and a more soulful way of living. In this presentation, we will understand the process of imaginal dialogue, and consider how it can help clients broaden in their understanding of themselves, their relationships, and help them heal from within their own stories.

The Art of Wish-Making

Presented By: Elizaveta Sullivan

What are wishes? Unfortunately, in my years of private practice as a psychologist I continuously face such introjects as “these are just dreams”, “you want too much”, or “stop thinking only about yourself”. Well, I could not disagree more. One of the main parts of my mission is legalizing and showing people how important wishes really are (and not just on your birthday while blowing candles).

Wishes serve us as guiding lights on the path of our life-mission, purpose, and self-actualization. Without wishes, we don’t generate enough energy for life, aka prana, kundalini, or chi. And at the end of the day energy is all there is. In this presentation, Elizaveta will help you tap into the importance of wishes, and how to decode them, to live out your true potential.

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