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Staff Class with Dr. John Kappas - HMI Vintage Series Lessons 1-78

Presented By: Dr. John Kappas

Between the years 1981 and 1985, Dr. John Kappas was experiencing what was in hindsight, the most active, creative and productive years of his professional career. He was revising his E&P Sexuality book and was creating the Mental Bank program and book for public consumption. During this period of our history, HMI had a core group of therapists and instructors that were considered “Staff.”

A requirement of this status was a weekly meeting with Dr. John Kappas to discuss with him your cases, entertain his newest ideas and generally participate in the growth and development of the E&P model. These weekly meetings started at 10:00-10:30 PM and sometimes ran to nearly midnight. Even though most of us had put in a full day before the class started, no one wanted to miss the opportunity to attend. This 10:00 PM meeting marked the end of Dr. Kappas’ clinical week, (about 30 per week, in three days at that point) and was his last chance to share all the thoughts in his head before he retreated to his four day weekend on his yacht in Marina Del Rey.

Despite the late hour of these classes and the often shortsightedness of being in my early 20s, I knew then that this was a special time in HMI history and in Dr. Kappas’ professional life, and I took that opportunity to videotape approximately 100 of these intimate meetings with Dr. John Kappas. I shot the series on VHS videotape, which was a new technology at the time. These recordings were available to the Staff and later to students for years before being stored away in an HMI video file for decades.

Of the 100 originally recorded, 78 remain intact. Despite the age of these master recordings and the $20 Radio Shack microphones available to me at the time, the recordings have held up remarkably well and now are even better with the help of digital remastering. It is with great pleasure that I re-release one of the great treasures of HMI history and share with you the experience of “Staff Class with Dr. John Kappas.”

  • Each video is approximately 90 minutes in length
  • 117 hours of streaming video instruction
  • 78 quizzes with 4 to 5 True/False and multiple choice questions each
  • 365 days of unlimited access
  • Total 156 Elective Hours/CEU Certificate

HMI Staff Class Preview with Dr. John Kappas

Staff Class with Dr. John Kappas – $595.00


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