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The Insider Secret to Generating and Retaining New Clients

Presented By: Mark Darren Gregor

Mark Darren Gregor

Inspiring a new client today – and keeping them – takes much more than just a powerful service. In a world saturated with healers, therapists and coaches at every corner, many clients are confused now more than ever who is best for them to work with. To create financial success in this day and age, therapists must know how to powerfully inspire potential clients on the spot.

Many therapists struggle to generate new clients because they ineffectively try to sell a specialty. The issue is clients don't sign up for a specialty – they sign up for a POSSIBILITY. Unfortunately, few therapists are ever trained in this distinction, leaving most to needlessly struggle for years in acquiring (and retaining) new client relationships.

In this interactive presentation you will discover the “inside” approach to getting (and keeping) all the clients you could ever want. We will explore 1) what is an “Ideal Client” and how to identify them, 2) what is the problem your Ideal Client needs you for, and 3) how to turn that problem into a powerfully inspiring possibility for your client on the spot. In other words, we will map out how to easily and effectively define your unique brand as a therapist with the clarity and confidence clients seek most.

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