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Hypnosis and Anxiety

Presented By: Todd Simon

Todd Simon

Anxiety effects millions of people and can create bodily symptoms, effect relationships and decrease productivity. Treating anxiety with hypnosis is an effective tool. Anxiety is a fear about the future. You cannot be anxious about something happening in the present moment. It is always a projection, a negative projection, about the future. Hypnosis is effective in dealing with anxiety on several levels.

  1. Helping someone get back into their body. Since anxiety is in the mind, a long progressive relaxation can help get someone back into their body and into a state of presence, where anxiety can't feed.
  2. Through arm rigidity one can help to release past anxiety still stuck in the nervous system.
  3. Through desensitization and anchoring one can manage triggers to anxiety via deep breathing and releasing old associations.
  4. Through positive imagery during hypnosis, one can create a kinder future where anxiety doesn't exist. By understanding the nature and genesis of anxiety one can properly treat it with hypnotic tools.

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