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Hypnotherapy Live - Cheryl O'Neil/Jaelin - Chronic Jaw Pain - Session 1 of 6

Presented By: Cheryl O'Neil

Hypnotherapist: Cheryl O'Neil, CHt
Client: Jaelin - Session 1 of 6
Presenting Issue: Chronic Jaw Pain

Description: Jaelin has chronic jaw pain from a surgery gone bad. She is having trouble picturing life as a normal functioning adult based off her inability to function due to her pain levels. Her goal is to have less pain which she describes as searing, hot, dull and achy.

She describes herself as very driven, wants to work for congress, warrior mentality.

Where it all started: On Christmas Eve of 2009 Jaelin had a surgery to correct an overbite. She was 14 years old at the time and previous to the surgery was a child actor in the series Hannah Montana.

After the surgery Jaelin had major side effects as her jaw tried to heal itself. These issues included something called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome aka CRPS which is categorized as progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System specifically the Sympathetic Nervous System.

Jaelin also has an auto immune condition where the nerves damaged don’t recognize the bones are healed so the nerves keep firing off as though the bones are still broken. Jalin is also on massive amounts of pain pills, each one to help with a specific symptom. She can’t tell the difference between depression and chronic pain at this point.

How it progresses: In 2014 Jaelin decided to attempt under going a second surgery to help alleviate some of her pain. During this surgery they removed the metal in her jaw and wired her mouth shut for 6 months. In November of 2014 Jaelin felt some improvement and also lost 50-60 pounds. Around this time Jaelin began to wean off some of her meds. After approximately 6 months to a year the pain returned and included anxiety and panic attacks.

Techniques Used: Arm Raising, Arm Rigidity, Staircase, Visualization: Control Room with nobs and dials that can be turned up and down. Image for nerves on the monitor.

Maybe she can talk to them? How can she help them? What would they like her to know. What is the pain currently?

Suggestions: More Control, she has the ability to lower her own discomfort, negatives dissipated, full life, ideas take root. What is her pain now (after hypnosis). Count up and out.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Sun, Apr 15, 2018 / Production Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2018 / Format: HD

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