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Hypnotherapy Live - Cheryl O'Neil/Jaelin - Chronic Jaw Pain - Session 2 of 6

Presented By: Cheryl O'Neil

Hypnotherapist: Cheryl O'Neil, CHt
Client: Jaelin - Session 2 of 6
Presenting Issue: Chronic Jaw Pain

Description: Update from week 1 session: Jaelin was doing well until a rainstorm hit and caused the atmospheric pressure in the air to change. Brought on a flare up, which consisted of sinus headaches and nerve and pain activation.

Techniques Used: Finger Spreading, Soothing Color

Suggestions: Jaelin’s goal’s are available and obtainable. In awe of her strengths and determination. Conscious and Subconscious are in harmony, mind and body are in harmony. Inner Control room where she can turn down the discomfort. Staircase. Bottom of stairs healing place. Meets inner guide.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Sun, Apr 15, 2018 / Production Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2018 / Format: HD

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