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The 12 Steps of AA and Hypnotherapy

Presented By: Steven Stinnett

From the moment of their introduction in 1939 the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous brought light and sanity to the otherwise dark and insane world of addiction. Sitting at the core of recovery in AA, the steps spawned dozens of spin-off organizations. Through AA and other 12 step programs, millions of people have used the 12 Step approach to turn their lives around – to gain and maintain comfortable freedom from addiction to alcohol, drugs, sugar and many other self-destructive compulsions.

This presentation will briefly review AA’s 12 Steps, demonstrate how they relate to Hypnotherapy, and show how and why a working knowledge of these steps could be the most powerful tool you’ll ever add to your hypnotherapy toolbox!

WTVAHACON / Release Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2020 / Production Date: Sat, Feb 22, 2020 / Format: HD

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