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Hypnotherapy Live - John Melton/Mallory - Anxiety and Lying - 2 of 6

Presented By: John Melton

Hypnotherapist: John Melton, CHt
Client: Mallory - Session 2 of 6
Presenting Issues: Anxiety and Lying

Description: Mallory has been using the breathing technique, which slows down her heart rate and thoughts. Her anxiety has reduced by half and she is more aware when becoming anxious. She stopped herself from lying, whereas, in the past, she would only have become aware after having lied. She felt lethargic after the first session, which John stated could be due to her chronic fight/flight response relaxing. Mallory had a venting dream about her mother dying, which is a fear she carries. Mallory noticed she has become less defensive. John discusses the importance of defending oneself but in an assertive way, rather than overly aggressive or passive. John explains that breathing the resulting relaxation improves awareness, increasing access to the intellectual mind. This allows for choosing responses rather than reacting.

Techniques Used: Once in the recliner, John guides Mallory through an eye fascination. He reinforces the breathing technique of inhaling for 3 counts and exhaling for 6 counts. He suggests to give herself permission to find calmness and relaxation, increasing access to her intellectual mind. He uses an ideomotor response so Mallory can indicate when she becomes aware of behaviors learned early in life that she would like to let go. After she lifts her finger, John suggests change has already begun and she will continue on this momentum. He guides her to a calming place and then through a progressive relaxation. He includes a suggestion for her jaw to relax. He uses imagery, during which she chooses to let go of weight on her shoulders while picking up new truths about herself as worthy and empowered. John placed his finger on her temple, suggesting she “go deeper” as she turns her face towards him. He gives several suggestions about increasing relaxation, control, freedom, and self-love, as well as choosing to be truthful. He also gives suggestions for venting dreams to release old perceptions. He counts her up, 0 to 5, and out of hypnosis.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Fri, Apr 24, 2020 / Production Date: Thu, Oct 24, 2019 / Format: HD

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