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Hypnotherapy Live - John Melton/Genevieve - Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes - Session 1 of 6

Presented By: John Melton

Hypnotherapist: John Melton, C.Ht.
Client: Genevieve - Session 1 of 6
Presenting Issues: Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes

Description: We meet Genevieve, who is seeking hypnotherapy for an interesting reason – she has Trypophobia, which is the fear of seeing small holes. Genevieve is very committed to the hypnotherapy process, and it is very fulfilling seeing her Trypophobia virtually eliminated over 6 weekly sessions with John. Genevieve benefits more than she expects, as John skillfully expands the therapy to include an empowered attitude towards change, a calmer temper, and a healthier lifestyle.

In the first session, we learn that Genevieve would like to neutralize her anxiety when seeing small holes. Through a handwriting analysis, John concludes that she is head-ruled, places balanced space between herself and others, and is reaching for something that she believes is difficult to achieve.

Genevieve describes feeling “itchy, sweaty, clammy, and gross” when encountering these holes, especially when the holes are close together. She rates her Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS) as a 10/10. When her fiancé showed her an image of these holes, she was unable to sleep, reliving the image and feeling uncomfortable the entire night.

Although Genevieve sleeps 7-8 hours per night, she does not feel rested upon waking up. Her main stressors are money and health. She has pain in her neck and shoulders from scoliosis and is also pre-diabetic. She stretches to relieve her pain and has been improving her diet, drinking only water, and eating salads and chicken.

John explains that her subconscious mind has associated small holes as threatening, triggering the fight/flight response. Although her logical mind understands that the fear is maladaptive, the subconscious mind continues to create a fear response. For this session, he plans to set up the desensitization process by first conditioning her to the idea that she can choose her responses.

Techniques Used: John begins with the arm-raising, but Genevieve appears to have low ego-sensation. Although her arm is not moving, Genevieve nods when asked if her arm feels lighter. John lifts her arm higher at the wrist and Genevieve’s arm begins to lift.

After moving Genevieve to the recliner, John elicits ideomotor responses. Genevieve lifts her finger, indicating that she is choosing to become relaxed. He guides her through a progressive relaxation, suggesting for her to smile as the feelings of calm and control replace negative feelings.

He then places her at the top of a staircase with a mirror, seeing herself as calm and free of anxieties, and reinforces this image with every step down. He suggests that she has already begun releasing these responses that no longer serve her.

He then suggests she have early morning venting dreams that are easily remembered. He counts her up, 0 to 5, and out of hypnosis.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 / Production Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2018 / Format: HD

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