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Hypnotherapy Live - John Melton/Genevieve - Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes - Session 2 of 6

Presented By: John Melton

Hypnotherapist: John Melton, C.Ht.
Client: Genevieve - Session 2 of 6
Presenting Issues: Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes

Description: Genevieve states having dreamed that she was waiting for duck eggs to hatch. She and John discuss duck eggs symbolizing new life and positive changes. In another dream, she was waiting with her family members to get on a roller coaster ride and she was fearful. Genevieve fears roller coasters in real life. John relates this venting dream to her facing her fears with trypophobia.

Genevieve admits that she does not like change but would like for her trypophobia to change. John has her express this desire in her own words, stating “I want to feel calm when I see the holes.” She has been experiencing an improvement in her trypophobia, with her responses lowering from a 10/10 to 6/10.

She talks about being sensitive to noises, light, smells, temperature, and movements in vehicles. Genevieve identifies her calming place as her room since it is quiet and does not have bothersome physical stimuli.

Techniques Used: Once in the recliner, John guides Genevieve through an eye fascination. He reinforces tying deep breathing into the feeling of calm and comfort. John uses the ideomotor response, with Genevieve lifting her left index finger when feeling “calm when I see the holes.”

Then, he has her lift her left index finger again upon realizing she can create the calm feeling. John has her visualize a calming place, which is her room. He suggests it is impossible to feel emotions of opposing natures at once. He then uses a progressive relaxation with systematic desensitization, maintaining the feeling of calm while she focuses on images of the holes.

Each time she visualizes the holes, she brings her right index finger up. However, she maintains the feelings of calm, indicated by her lifted left index finger. He suggests for her to smile when she visualizes these holes, because she realizes her old reaction is silly. Now, when she sees these holes, she finds this new positive emotion.

He reinforces the grinning, suggests for restful sleep and venting dreams, and counts her up and out from 0 to 5.

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