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Hypnotherapy Live - John Melton/Genevieve - Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes - Session 4 of 6

Presented By: John Melton

Hypnotherapist: John Melton, C.Ht.
Client: Genevieve - Session 4 of 6
Presenting Issues: Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes

Description: Genevieve’s anxiety from seeing holes has further improved from a 4/10 to 2/10. Genevieve had a dream where her fiancé drew her attention to insects infesting her house. In real life, she is fearful of bugs.

John discusses how she said, during her first session, that she gets the “creepy crawlies” when seeing the holes, relating this dream to her facing trypophobia. She also may be venting out annoyance at her fiancé for pointing out things she fears. After all, she mentioned in the first session that, after her fiancé showed her a photo of the holes, she was unable to sleep the entire night.

Genevieve had another dream where she was irritated by a leaking faucet, indicating she is venting her irritation to bothersome sounds. Her diet is improving – she drinks celery juice every morning and feels her cravings are less strong. Genevieve’s current strategy is replacing sweets with water when she has a craving. John recommends facing the craving, breathing through it, and making the decision to not eat sweets, which allows the craving to lose its power.

She continues to practice self-care with breathing techniques, her mantra of “calm, peace, and relaxed,” and doing her stretches. She is also less easily angered. She would like to continue improving with more restful sleep.

Techniques Used: John guides her in visualizing her calming place, which is her room. He takes her through a progressive relaxation, emphasizing the power in choosing to feel calm. He suggests that she is learning to be calmer, not just when looking at the holes, but in other aspects of her life.

He has her visualize walking down a hallway with closed doors on each side representing things in her past that no longer affect her, whether it’s the images of holes, noises, or anger. She then walks into a control room, where she turns her trypophobia down lower. She then talks to a deeper part of herself through a telephone, reinforcing calm, restful sleep, a healthier diet, and greater confidence.

He suggests for her to have venting dreams, as well as for the holes to become more and more silly to her and causing her to laugh.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 / Production Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2018 / Format: HD

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