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Hypnotherapy Live - John Melton/Genevieve - Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes - Session 6 of 6

Presented By: John Melton

Hypnotherapist: John Melton, C.Ht.
Client: Genevieve - Session 6 of 6
Presenting Issues: Trypophobia - Fear of Seeing Small Holes

Description: Genevieve reports her trypophobia is now 0/10. She saw the holes in several places and experienced no reaction. Genevieve had a dream where her family was having fun in a bowling alley. In real life, her family does not always get along so she was happy in that dream. They discuss how this may be a precognitive dream, where her mind is projecting a positive outcome, rather than fear, for the upcoming family gatherings over the holidays.

She had another dream that a teenage boy on a bike was throwing stones at her. When encountering the boy again later in the dream, she called him a “little punk” and was angrily hitting him. John states she is perhaps venting her exaggerated anger responses. She states that her temper has been improving, which her fiancé has also been noticing.

Her sleep is more restful, she no longer views eating her healthy snacks of carrots and cucumbers as a chore, and had a reduction in sugar cravings.

Techniques Used: John reinforces the association between deep breathing and calm. He takes her through a progressive relaxation, while reminding her that she created the positive changes she has experienced these past several weeks.

He suggests that “the breath is my friend and I will use it throughout my life.” He also suggests that she can change old reactions she no longer wishes to have by turning the volume dial down to zero.

He has her visualize herself in a mirror, having more choice in her responses and embracing positive changes. He suggests that she can already see herself in this mirror. Lastly, he suggests that she continue to have restful sleep and venting dreams.

WTVCASHIS / Release Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 / Production Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2018 / Format: HD

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