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Psychosynthesis: Creative Imagination and the Expansion of Consciousness

Presented By: Victoria Stevens

Victoria Stevens

In this presentation, AOS Professor Victoria Stevens PhD, will present an introduction to the Italian Psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli, nicknamed “The Scientist of the Spirit.” Dr. Assogioli created a system of therapy he called Psychosynthesis, which combining Eastern and Western thought, promotes psycho-spiritual transformation and integration.

Considered a pioneer in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology, Assagioli’s models and techniques include various forms of visualization which access the creative imagination and allow unconscious material to become conscious. Professor Stevens will discuss the basic theoretical ideas that inform these techniques, many of which can be practiced, developed and fluidly woven into hypnotherapy and linked with any therapeutic modality.

WTVAHACON / Release Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2023 / Production Date: Sat, Feb 25, 2023 / Format: HD

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