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HMI Student and Graduate Tips for Creating More Ease and Success

Presented By: Shay Austin

In this presentation, HMI/AOS Graduate and HMI Associate Instructor, Shay Austin, CCHt shares learned experiences she and her students in Practicum Workshops have navigated during the HMI program. But these experiences aren't in the manual or the classroom. These involve your choices, how to balance such a generous life-changing experience, and the emotions that can surprise and overwhelm you in passion-based work.

Shay offers student tips in her workshops before practice-time, getting positive responses and requests for more. At HMI you are learning the art of hypnotherapy, self-help care, starting a business, and so much more. No wonder you may feel a little pressure, and in need of good tips for learning as you continue to move forward. Now you can ease some of that pressure with ways Shay has figured out… often the hard, humorous, or goofy ways from her own experience. These tips can help bring more success, confidence and ease to your everyday practice and education. They can help you save time, and to know it is all doable.

WTVAHACON / Release Date: Fri, Dec 15, 2023 / Production Date: Sat, Sep 30, 2023 / Format: HD

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