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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis Motivation Institute’s Origin – Lesson 1 of 86

In this lesson Dr. John Kappas and Dr. Ron Hodges tell the story of the origin of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Dr. Kappas explains the basics of Kappasinian hypnotherapy. This includes: an explanation of the differences between Emotional and Physical suggestibility, the test questionnaire, theory of mind, dream analysis and therapy, and an explanation and demonstrations of the methods that Dr. Kappas developed in the practice of hypnotherapy. (An inferred arm raising demonstration)

Essay Question: Discuss Dr. Kappas’ development of Emotional and Physical Suggestibility.

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Hodges tells the group how he met Dr. John Kappas. Then he gives a brief history of how the Hypnosis Motivation Institute was created, and introduces Dr. Kappas to the group.
    Start: 00:02:56 | End: 00:05:11 | Duration: 00:02:07
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas describes suggestibility, how it’s created, what it is, and the way that a person’s mind processes the information that their senses take in. Then how, with hypnosis, this can be modified to change behavior.
    Start: 00:05:11 | End: 00:21:00 | Duration: 00:15:49
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas goes over the suggestibility test questionnaire and describes how it’s used by a hypnotherapist in determining a person’s suggestibility.
    Start: 00:21:00 | End: 00:26:05 | Duration: 00:05:05
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas illustrates how a therapy room is set up and how this space is used by a hypnotherapist. Then he describes, and illustrates, theory of mind. Then dream analysis and therapy.
    Start: 00:26:05 | End: 00:44:20 | Duration: 00:18:15
  • Chapter 5 - Dr. Kappas describes how hypnosis is accomplished by overloading a person’s mind with message units, stimulating their fight flight mechanism, and allowing them to escape into hypnosis.
    Start: 00:44:20 | End: 00:59:14 | Duration: 00:14:44
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas talks about his family history with his father, how he first got into hypnosis, and the practice of hypnotherapy and methods that he developed.
    Start: 00:59:14 | End: 01:09:40 | Duration: 00:10:26
  • Chapter 7 - Dr. Kappas illustrates, on the blackboard, the ratio of people who are Emotional suggestible to Physical suggestible, and the differences in how they process information and learn.
    Start: 01:09:40 | End: 01:17:32 | Duration: 00:07:52
  • Chapter 8 - Dr. Kappas demonstrates how to determine a person’s suggestibility by asking specific questions. He uses Ron as a demonstration subject.
    Start: 01:17:32 | End: 01:34:17 | Duration: 00:17:45
  • Chapter 9 - Still with Ron as the subject, Dr. Kappas demonstrates an inferred arm raising and conversion to hypnosis. Then a group discussion about arm raising inductions.
    Start: 01:34:17 | End: 01:59:32 | Duration: 00:15:06

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