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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis and Eating Disorders – Lesson 15 of 86

This lesson picks up where the last one left off. The female client is anorexic and the interview gets into her family history as a child, her career goals, dreams and stages of development problems. Then the discussion moves on to the obsessive compulsive behavior that this client has, and a couple of related case histories. Then the discussion gets into the legalities of the practice of hypnotherapy. (Continued next lesson.)

Essay Question: Describe our legal responsibility based on our qualifications and certifications.

  • Chapter 1 - The group interview from the last lesson continues with the anorexic female client.
    Start: 00:00:46 | End: 00:08:40 | Duration: 00:07:54
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas guides the group questions to the cause of her eating disorder, which is her negative image of her mother.
    Start: 00:08:40 | End: 00:16:00 | Duration: 00:07:20
  • Chapter 3 - The interview continues about her career goals and more family history in childhood.
    Start: 00:16:00 | End: 00:20:47 | Duration: 00:04:47
  • Chapter 4 - A group discussion about Leslie's case after she has left the room. Dr. Hodges reads her dreams to the group, then some more of her history, and the group expresses their views.
    Start: 00:20:47 | End: 00:38:50 | Duration: 00:18:03
  • Chapter 5 - More discussion about her dreams and stages of development problems. Then more input from the eating disorder expert in the group.
    Start: 00:38:50 | End: 00:45:20 | Duration: 00:06:30
  • Chapter 6 - Dr. Kappas gives the group his views about this client's future therapy.
    Start: 00:45:20 | End: 00:52:59 | Duration: 00:07:32
  • Chapter 7 - The discussion gets into this client's obsessive compulsive behavior, and how to treat these problems in therapy. Then the effects that her father and mother have had on her life.
    Start: 00:52:59 | End: 01:07:40 | Duration: 00:14:41
  • Chapter 8 - Dr. Kappas tells a case history about a similar situation of the mother/ daughter relationship causing anxiety. Then Dr. Kappas describes how this therapy should proceed.
    Start: 01:07:40 | End: 01:14:00 | Duration: 00:06:20
  • Chapter 9 - Dr. Kappas tells another related case history, then more about Leslie and how to control her escape mechanism.
    Start: 01:14:00 | End: 01:22:24 | Duration: 00:08:24
  • Chapter 10 - (Essay Question Info) A discussion about ethics, licensing, and the legal parameters governing hypnotherapy.
    Start: 01:22:24 | End: 01:32:17 | Duration: 00:09:53
  • Chapter 11 - (Essay Question Info) More about why we can and can't treat certain problems as hypnotherapists, and why. Then some interesting anecdotes and advice in legal matters. (Continued next lesson.)
    Start: 01:32:17 | End: 01:50:30 | Duration: 00:18:13

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