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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Handwriting Analysis – Lesson 28 of 86

Handwriting Analysis: basic characteristics, determining suggestibility and sexuality from handwriting. Indications of sexual problems, physical problems, suicidal tendencies. Lecture on rejection: how it affects Physicals and Emotionals in relationships. Therapeutic approaches involving circle therapy and working with defenses.

Essay Question: What therapeutic approach should you take with a rejected high Physical sexual male or female? (Continued next lesson.)

  • Chapter 1 - Handwriting analysis: how the size and shape of letters indicate somnambulism, and Physical or Emotional suggestibility.
    Start: 00:00:39 | End: 00:06:25 | Duration: 00:05:46
  • Chapter 2 - How lower loops indicate Physical or Emotional sexuality, defenses, and indications of sexual problems and frustrations.
    Start: 00:06:25 | End: 00:17:31 | Duration: 00:11:06
  • Chapter 3 - Dominating therapeutic letters and how they indicate physical problems in the body. Affecting words and sentences indicating suicidal and other tendencies. Overall handwriting analysis.
    Start: 00:17:31 | End: 00:39:08 | Duration: 00:21:37
  • Chapter 4 - Rejection: how it affects Physical sexuals, and how to treat these people in hypnotherapy.
    Start: 00:39:08 | End: 00:52:35 | Duration: 00:13:27
  • Chapter 5 - A discussion with a rejected Physical sexual female about her past relationships and how they ended.
    Start: 00:52:35 | End: 01:00:30 | Duration: 00:07:55
  • Chapter 6 - (Essay Question Info) The therapeutic approach that Dr. Kappas would take to help this person let go of the pain so that she could get on with her life.
    Start: 01:00:30 | End: 01:05:30 | Duration: 00:05:00
  • Chapter 7 - Continuation of the discussion about rejected Physicals. Their sexual and emotional pain and how their defenses function in guiding their behavior.
    Start: 01:05:30 | End: 01:18:00 | Duration: 00:12:30
  • Chapter 8 - The benefits and drawbacks of defense mechanisms, and why circle therapy works with rejected Emotional sexuals. (Continued next lesson.)
    Start: 01:18:00 | End: 01:23:52 | Duration: 00:05:52

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