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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis for Emotional Pain – Lesson 32 of 86

Continuation of the discussion from the last lesson with Dan, who thinks he's ugly. Then his hypnotherapy and circle therapy to desensitize emotional pain. Then Dr. Kappas plays the part of a female client, that he had in the past, and who had an extramarital affair. The group conducts the interview and Dr. Kappas explains obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Essay Question: How can compulsive behavior affect hypnotherapy?

  • Chapter 1 - Continuation of the discussion from the last lesson with Dan, the obsessive-compulsive client who doesn't like his looks.
    Start: 00:01:08 | End: 00:07:57 | Duration: 00:06:11
  • Chapter 2 - The pre-induction talk and suggestible test with Dan. Then an arm raising induction conversion.
    Start: 00:07:57 | End: 00:30:00 | Duration: 00:22:03
  • Chapter 3 - A progressive relaxation in the recliner. Then an arm rigidity and other deepening techniques.
    Start: 00:30:00 | End: 00:36:36 | Duration: 00:06:36
  • Chapter 4 - Dr. Kappas uses circle therapy to help Dan lose the emotional pain of his past and to implant positive feelings about the present.
    Start: 00:36:36 | End: 00:57:40 | Duration: 00:21:04
  • Chapter 5 - A post session group discussion about Dan and the image building that Dr. Kappas did.
    Start: 00:57:40 | End: 01:21:00 | Duration: 00:23:20
  • Chapter 6 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas talks about how compulsive behavior can affect hypnotherapy. He then plays the role of a female client that he treated in the past. The group questions him in this mock interview.
    Start: 01:21:00 | End: 01:43:00 | Duration: 00:22:00
  • Chapter 7 - Continuation of the case history interview, with Dr. Kappas playing the role of a female client who had been in an extramarital affair.
    Start: 01:43:00 | End: 01:49:30 | Duration: 00:06:30
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info) Dr. Kappas discusses obsessive-compulsive behavior and the client from the past that he has been portraying with the group.
    Start: 01:49:30 | End: 01:59:21 | Duration: 00:09:51

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