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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Hypnosis and Voodoo – Lesson 35 of 86

Most of this session is with a male client Lewis, 53 years, 64% Physical sexual - 75% Physical suggestible, who has a very unusual problem. He has facial twitches and a frozen smile that he can't control. This problem began in the country of Haiti, where he had an unfortunate experience with Voodoo. He is an extremely resistant subject and difficult to watch, but fascinating. Dr. Kappas tries a finger spreading, and different methods to test his ego sensation. His arm raising is unusual as is his hypnotherapy session. He is extremely resistant with an obviously serious problem. Dr. Kappas uses many techniques to try to relax his face with limited results. Followed by a group discussion about this client. Then a discussion about stuttering and common denominators related to this problem. (Continued next lesson.)

Essay Question: Describe how hypnosis and voodoo have similar effects on people in hyper-suggestible states.

  • Chapter 1 - A group discussion about the client coming in with a problem of facial twitches, and an uncontrollable frozen smile.
    Start: 00:01 14 | End: 00:07:38 | Duration: 00:06:24
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas has a pre-hypnosis interview with Lewis, this client. (You will have a hard time watching this unfortunate man.)
    Start: 00:07:38 | End: 00:12:00 | Duration: 00:04:22
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas attempts a finger spreading to test the client's ego sensation. Then he continues the interview.
    Start: 00:12:00 | End: 00:25:42 | Duration: 00:13:42
  • Chapter 4 - A very unusual arm raising induction/conversion. This subject is very resistant with almost no ego sensation.
    Start: 00:25:42 | End: 00:33:23 | Duration: 00:07:41
  • Chapter 5 - Dr. Kappas uses further techniques to achieve ego sensation, and to create depth.
    Start: 00:33:23 | End: 00:38:50 | Duration: 00:05:27
  • Chapter 6 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation. Then more techniques to try to relax this man's face. This works to a point, but not completely.
    Start: 00:38:50 | End: 00:57:46 | Duration: 00:18:56
  • Chapter 7 - Continuation of relaxation techniques with this very resistant and tortured man.
    Start: 00:57:46 | End: 01:10:00 | Duration: 00:12:14
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info) Awakening and a brief discussion with this client. Then Dr. Kappas and the group discuss this very unique client and his case.
    Start: 01:10:00 | End: 01:39:35 | Duration: 00:29:35
  • Chapter 9 - A case history and a discussion about stuttering, and common denominators related to this problem. (Continued next lesson.)
    Start: 01:39:35 | End: 01:58:45 | Duration: 00:19:10

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