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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Extramarital Affairs – Lesson 42 of 86

Dr. Kappas discusses dreams and how to interpret them. Then a case with a married couple who have a lot of problems. A Physical sexual male, Art, and an Emotional sexual female, Carol. She is a multiple personality subject who is having an extramarital affair.

Essay Question: How could you determine that a client has multiple personalities?

  • Chapter 1 - Dr. Kappas discusses dreams, and how to interpret them.
    Start: 00:00:55 | End: 00:10:37 | Duration: 00:09:42
  • Chapter 2 - The discussion about dreams continues, and gets into dream therapy.
    Start: 00:10:37 | End: 00:26:41 | Duration: 00:16:04
  • Chapter 3 - An interview with Carol, who is married to Art, and is having an extramarital affair, and who also has multiple personality disorder.
    Start: 00:26:41 | End: 00:41:23 | Duration: 00:14:42
  • Chapter 4 - (Essay Question Info) After Carol has left the room, the group discusses her relationship with her husband and her multiple personality.
    Start: 00:41:23 | End: 00:55:14 | Duration: 00:13:51
  • Chapter 5 - An interview with Art, Carol's husband about the problems in their marriage, and Carol's extramarital affair.
    Start: 00:55:14 | End: 01:21:41 | Duration: 00:26:27

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