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Dr. Kappas Atlanta Series

Fear of Public Speaking and Hypnosis – Lesson 43 of 86

This lesson begins with a female who has weight and relationship problems, and suffers from depression. She is also hypoglycemic. Then a hyper-suggestible male client with a fear of public speaking.

Essay Question: What suggestions could you give to a client who has a fear of public speaking?

  • Chapter 1 - An interview with a female client complaining of depression, loneliness, and a weight problem.
    Start: 00:00:59 | End: 00:14:10 | Duration: 00:13:11
  • Chapter 2 - Dr. Kappas explains critical mind, to the client. Then how hypnosis feels and works.
    Start: 00:14:10 | End: 00:20:08 | Duration: 00:05:58
  • Chapter 3 - Dr. Kappas tests the client's suggestibility, then does an arm raising induction/conversion.
    Start: 00:20:08 | End: 00:26:33 | Duration: 00:06:25
  • Chapter 4 - Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation, then circle therapy to treat her depression.
    Start: 00:26:33 | End: 00:40:10 | Duration: 00:13:37
  • Chapter 5 - The hypnosis session moves into weight control therapy before awakening. Then Dr. Kappas uses two secondary inductions to exercise the post hypnotic suggestion to re-hypnosis. First a finger spreading, then a hand clasp induction. Then Dr. Kappas and the group begin a post hypnosis discussion with the client.
    Start: 00:40:10 | End: 00:50:42 | Duration: 00:10:32
  • Chapter 6 - The post hypnosis discussion continues about sugar, and the affects that it has had on her life (hypoglycemia and depression.)
    Start: 00:50:42 | End: 00:57:03 | Duration: 00:06:21
  • Chapter 7 - Dr. Kappas describes critical mind to the next, male, client. Then he tests his suggestibility and does an arm raising induction/conversion.
    Start: 00:57:03 | End: 01:06:40 | Duration: 00:09:37
  • Chapter 8 - (Essay Question Info) Into the recliner for a progressive relaxation and an arm rigidity deepening exercise. Then he uses circle therapy to desensitize the client to his anxiety in the forum of public speaking, and other embarrassing situations.
    Start: 01:06:40 | End: 01:29:40 | Duration: 00:23:00
  • Chapter 9 - Then a finger spreading secondary induction to exercise the post-hypnotic suggestion to re-hypnotize.
    Start: 01:29:40 | End: 01:34:16 | Duration: 00:04:36

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